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Boonies Frames

Boonies Frames

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Since I came back to skating after many years away I had the itch to skate flat which was something that I had never really done before. I tried a few frames flat and had experiences ranging from great all the way down to miserable. At the end of the day I just wanted a frame that gave me to confidence to skate flat while knowing that I could lean into my frames and not get any wheel bite but still have that great 8 down feeling that makes skating feel so much better. Another aspect that I wanted was simplicity of wheel choice, with the latest frames giving us hi-lo options it can make choosing the right wheel sizes and profiles a bit of an ordeal which was something I wanted to stay clear of in my design by sticking with one size of wheels across the frame.

These frames have been designed and tested to skate flat with wheels ranging anywhere from 55mm up to 60mm. I tend to skate 60mm which I have tested and been very successful, my friend prefers 55mm and he has also had a lot of fun skating this design which has been his first time skating flat in many years.

As far as physical description goes basically we have:

1 - Taper at the top portion of the frame to reduce material required to print and give the frame a bit of a sleek look

2 - Wear bars between outer and inner wheels to prolong the life of the frame as well as helping to lock onto rails and giving an improved balance point when doing topsides on ledges

3 - Chamfer profile on the lower half of the frame to mitigate any washing out that can occur with certain frames, gives the frame a different look and gives it a pre-worn feeling right out of the box

4 - Inner wheels have amply wheel bite protection which basically makes it impossible to catch your wheels on ledges provided you are locked in the h-block. This was the biggest point for me and I made sure the contour of the h-block and wheel bite protection made it physically impossible to touch down a wheel

5 - Hand in hand with wheel bite protection was to maximize the split available for a flat 60 design which was 122mm that still gave me a tiny bit of wiggle room as to not cut things too close

6 - The h-block is pre grooved out of the box with a nice chamfer at an angle of 45 degrees to help reduce break-in period and give a good starting point for groove tricks

Frame Kits include:

  • 2x Boonies Frames
  • 8x 8mm Core Axles
  • 8x 8mm Metal Bearing Spacers
  • 16x 8mm Metal Frame Spacers
  • 4x 14mm Frame Bolts

Designed by @boonies_hardgoods

Disclaimer: Printed parts will be damaged with excessive heat. Avoid leaving them in a car or direct sunlight. No warranty for warped frame walls.

Note: Frame walls are printed on demand. Please expect 10 days before shipping.

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