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Dark Mage Frames

Dark Mage Frames

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I’ve designed these walls primarily for park skating. They use a flat 60 set up with the widest groove possible and excellent wheelbite protection, making H block grinds easier, on coping of flat ledges.

Frame Kits include:

  • 2x Dark Mage Frames
  • 8x 8mm Core Axles
  • 8x 8mm Metal Bearing Spacers
  • 16x 8mm Metal Frame Spacers
  • 4x 14mm Frame Bolts

Designed by @DarkMageDesigns

Disclaimer: Printed parts will be damaged with excessive heat. Avoid leaving them in a car or direct sunlight. No warranty for warped frame walls.

Note: Frame walls are printed on demand. Please expect 10 days before shipping.

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