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Jon Fromm Balance 2 Frame x RedEye bundle

Jon Fromm Balance 2 Frame x RedEye bundle

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We’ve partnered with RedEye wheels to offer a limited amount of Jon Fromm signature bundles complete with his new 59mm wheels and Chad Tannehill anti rockers, ready to roll with 50/50 ABEC9 bearings. The bundle includes black and grey with custom packaging. Just add your own boot and you’re good to go.

Bundles include:

- 2x frames

- 8x axles

- 16x spacers

- 4x frame bolts

- 4x 59mm 90a wheels

- 4x 44mm 101a wheels

- 16x 50/50 ABEC 9 bearings

- 8x aluminum bearing spacers

- Black 50/50 laces

- Subtle Stamp t-shirt (while supplies last)

Jon will receive a $5 royalty from 50/50 for each bundle sold.

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