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Mushroom Blading

65mm 90a Tapes Wheels

65mm 90a Tapes Wheels

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The MB Tapes feature an underrated 65mm "Goldilocks" wheel size that's not too big, not too small and absolutely not core. As a result of sharing the same profile and hardness, they pair perfectly with MB Toes on the Medium Oysi frame. On this setup, you'll experience a stable ride with a touch of rocker, 98% grind posture insurance, and fast, long-lasting 90a urethane. We also recommend skating MB Tapes on the Pottier FLAT frames, and if you want to get crazy, you can even skate them anti-rocker. Classic grind poses will happen, solid landings will be stomped, and positive movement emotions will be felt on these wheels.

Sold in sets of 4

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