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80mm 87a Scribbles Wheels

80mm 87a Scribbles Wheels

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The MB Scribbles are the classic “big wheel” size traditionally used for freestyle, slalom, and freeride skating. This wheel became MB canon during the filming of BIG WHEELS and BIG WHEELS 2, where our first experiments of mixing slalom, aggressive, and big wheel skating began. The 87a hardness is a perfect mix of comfy cruising, grippy turning, and fun sliding. 80mm wheels can be used on various boots and frames including futuristic skate tools like the PR80 Wizard Frame (an incredible flat ground tool) and the Aeon 80 Skate (an aggressive/big wheel hybrid skate like no other). These are your shortcut to fun without being tied down to any specific skating category. So pop them in and scribble with your feet.

Sold in sets of 8, or add a 2 pack for 10

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