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The Standard Omni Shell Only (White)

The Standard Omni Shell Only (White)

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Soul Plate

Our first skate is the Omni, inspired by all the greatest skates but purpose built for where skating is today. Utilizing eight new molds and dozens of unique parts, the Omni is a complete skate that’s distinct yet familiar.

  • Completely new skate using eight new molds
  • Flat heel boot design with internal shock absorber
  • Meticulously designed soul plate with m6 mounting

Sizing Guide

Small 27.1cm internal shell length
Medium 28.2cm internal shell length
Large 29.5cm internal shell length
X-Large 31.0cm internal shell length

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Note: Measurements taken from digital drawings, +/- 2mm tolerance. Feet are 3 dimensional. Your actual fit might be different. When in doubt, contact your favorite skate shop for help.

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